Pay only for tracked leads

Upload all your leads from the newsletter and client database.
Send targeted mails and track online engagement.
Pay only for leads enriched with behavioral data.


  • 2.000 leads
  • 6.000 emails
  • $0,05 for each additional lead


  • 12.500 leads
  • 50.000 emails
  • $0,04 for each additional lead


  • 35.000 leads
  • 100.000 emails
  • $0,03 for each additional lead


$0,02 each lead
  • 75.000 leads
  • 300.000 emails
  • Ask for a personal quate for your needs

*All prices are without VAT. The licenseperiod is paid 6 month prior to start.

Frequently asked questions

What does it cost?

There is no startup- or order-fee.

If you want assistance with setting up AutoTarget or if you need training, we do offer different startup packages. This way you will be able to focus on your sales.

What happens if I get more leads than I have bought?

You can still see and work with all leads in the system. And then by the next period, your price is adjusted.

What is a lead?

Every e-mail adress that are created in the system, counts as a lead. You can delete the leads that you don’t want to track or save in your history anymore.

Can I buy more leads?

No, we offer a system for your website that enables you to become better at identifying and processing leads. But we can, however, assist you with the system setup and online marketing, so your website will generate more leads.


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