Collect data from any marketing and sales platform into a single customer profile.

Track digital footprint

Captures on-site and in-app behavior to build profiles of every single sign-up.  Watch which pages they read, which e-mails they open, and which files they download.

Interest profile

Score leads on their behavior and actions on your website. The score can be applied on a single action or any number of products that the profile shows interest for.

Triggered messaging

Send the right message at the right time – automatically. Use your knowledge about your customers behavior to target them with a personalized email and give them a final push to complete purchase. Send multiple messages from one single trigger, and stop sending when people stop matching.

Target website visits

Target people that interact with the website content but has not converted. Target people and send e-mails, SMS, marketing automation campaigns, and more.

Send personal emails

No more asking developers to export a CSV, compile e-mails in one system and sending in a third system. Personal e-mails in AutoTarget let you send a targeted personal e-mail to small segments of people.

Dynamic segmentation

Build dynamic segments to send e-mails, SMS, marketing automation campaigns, and more. Build the segments on any behavior and any client data.

Customer Journey

Build best practice marketing-automation-campaigns that takes Customer Journey into account. Each stage of the Customer Journey will have a targeted e-mail flow to push a client towards a final conversion.

Notes and reminders

Create notes and keep track of the dialogue and appointments with your leads. Create a task to ensure that you follow up on the lead. Define if a task should be created within an amount of time or a certain action on the website.

Drive sales processes with task

Close sales faster by identifying leads that only needs a final push. See if leads have opened, clicked emails or downloaded files. Build sales processes with automated task and track performance.

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