The users leave buyersignals on the website. Every click reveal something about their needs. Even simple behavior data from the website can revolutionize the marketing- and salesprocesses for the travel industry.

The big problem

”The newsletter has to be more personal and relevant to our users. We would like to have a more personalized communication with our users, and the content has to be more targeted to each specific user”.

In many newsletter systems it is only possible to track what is clicked on in the newsletter. A classic problem occur, when a user receive a newsletter and the main story is about the Maldives and the beautiful beaches, then it is easy to click on a good picture. The user gets caught up in the atmosphere and keeps on dreaming on the website.

Then the user finds out, that the price is over their budget, and soon they will search for trips to Mallorca. The user finds a nice hotel and makes a search to get a price in week 28, for 2 adults and 2 children.

Normally, the newsletter system would believe that the user is interested in the Maldives, since that was the destination the user clicked on in the newsletter, but the behavior on the website told us otherwise. – The user was in fact more purchase motivated towards Mallorca.

Leverage dynamic profiling

Track your users’ online behavior and create relevant communication that ensure more activity on your site.

Static profiling

Most newsletter systems offer segmentation on static informations, such as geography, demographics and sometimes interests, which are collected when signing up for the newsletter list.

The newsletter could be segmented like this:

  • Man/woman
  • Children/No children
  • Jutland and Fyn/Sealand

The challenge is to persuade the subscribers to give this information about themselves. This means that it rarely is the majority of the list that will be profiled. The gain by adapting the newsletter to this type of segmentation will rarely be worth the efforts.

Next comes the difference where profiling can actually change; the dynamic profiling.

Dynamic profiling

The starting point is the users interests, which changes through time. Which travel destination does the users dream about this summer, e.g.

  • Thailand
  • Cuba
  • USA

Normally the newsletter system will believe that the users are interested in the destination that is clicked on in a newsletter, but the behavior on the website could suggests otherwise – that this user in reality is more proned to book a completely different destination.

This is the reason you should analyze the user’s behavior on the website and from that determine which destination they are most interested in, especially when the user’s behavior on the website changes from one destination to another.

This behavior-based function is like nothing you will see in applications like MailChimp, Campaign Monitor or any other newsletter system.

Target the right user with the right message at the right time

AutoTarget will save you a great amount of time and money by executing targeted and personalized email campaigns automatically.

How it is done

First off, you need to get your customers into the right mood. Focus on beautiful destinations and hotels in the regular newsletter. If the customers react to this in a positive way and continue their research on your site, then your newsletter will start to become personalized. The customer will receieve newsletters regarding the destinations they have been researching on your website and in that way increase the customers interest.

The newsletter-flow is not unique to the individual user, but is a set of newsletters waiting to be triggered as soon as the customer is qualified and ready for the communication.

Usually the system consists 20-50 newsletters which will activate according to the customers needs, whether it’s destination, traveling theme or special offers.

Results with dynamic profiling

The newsletter is now highly targeted and relevant to the user, and the KIP show that automated and targeted messages works better then “one newsletter fits all”:

  • the opening rate is 52% better,
  • the click rate is almost 200% better  
  • the convertion rates are 95% better 

This of course depends on the communication in each individual newsletter.

“One newsletter fits all” is DEAD…


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